Integral Design & Development is a design and engineering company dedicated to the development of industrial projects from conception to manufacturing and with the ultimate goal of meeting the needs of customers.


One of the main business lines of Integral Design and Development are all those activities that take place in the industrial design department or studio.


Here we have a team of highly qualified professionals able to design and effectively develop any of our customers’ demands. Our industrial design studio has a team of industrial and graphic designers with extensive experience in various sectors such as rail, shipping, urban mobility, industrial product design, renewable energy, wind turbines, ticketing machines, etc.


From the industrial design studio we also offer comprehensive design services, from conception to manufacture and development of design and product, by guiding the project through a working process leading to the manufacture of the product, 1:1 scale model or smaller scales or prototypes.


Our team has grown in parallel with the technology for 20 years, adapting to new working systems, new materials (composites, resins, plastics, etc), new manufacturing processes and new processes, increasing our Know-how from our experiences in many local and international sectors.


Our experience has taught us that industrial design is mainly based on detecting and generating solutions to the problems or concerns of our customers, complying with established times and competitiveness criteria. And this principle is common to all industrial design projects, whatever the industry. 

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