Integral Design & Development is a design and engineering company dedicated to the development of industrial projects from conception to manufacturing and with the ultimate goal of meeting the needs of customers


In order to provide a good service to our customers and adapt to their needs, Integral Design & Development has developed its own working methodology throughout its experience, relying on creativity, innovation and paying close attention to technological advancement. The goal is the success of the project and the anticipation of possible problems inherent in any project involving technical product development.


From the outset, we implement projects with a multidisciplinary team consisting of industrial designers and technical engineers. Both work together to analyze, study and propose the best solutions for the project from all points of view: technical, industrial, economic and aesthetic ones.


The services we provide in the design and engineering departments are:


Design Department:


  • Conceptual design

  • Creative design

  • Ergonomic studies

  • Modularization studies

  • Prototype and model management

  • Graphic applications

  • External and internal product characterization

  • Colour & Trim

  • 3D Modelling

  • Surface modelling

  • Packaging

  • Market research

  • Technical studies

  • Virtual Reality

  • 3D Animations

  • Design Thinking

  • Models


Engineering department:


  • Electrical installations

  • Water installations

  • Pneumatic installations

  • Mechanical installations

  • Finishing or coating work

  • Complete projects

  • Process engineering

  • Work instructions

  • Bills of Materials

  • Assistance in assembly, testing and trials

  • Tooling

  • 3D studies and  models , 2D drawings and mounting assemblies

  • Development of polyester parts (composites)

Throughout the years we have designed and developed a wide variety of industrial projects in the following sectors: (rail, shipping, industrial vehicles, renewable energy, urban furniture or mobility, industrial products, etc.). Our extensive background in design and engineering supports our quality and responsiveness to the needs of our customers.

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